Topic: Water/Wastewater Engineering

Jacqueline McMahon

Silver Lining: Lessons Learned from an Envision-Rated Treatment Plant

(All Images Courtesy of SARA/MGC Contractors)   Sustainability has become a word mentioned across our lives and the industry but […]

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Jennifer Wasinger

Hands-on Slope Stability Workshop

Freese and Nichols is partnering with John France, OWRB and ASDSO, this summer, to provide a technical workshop on the slope […]

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David Jackson

Phosphorus: Turning a Problem into a Resource

Although an essential element for living cells, Phosphorus can have serious environmental effects when found in natural or engineering environments. […]

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Nick Lester

Performing Open-Heart Surgery On a Water System’s Primary Pump Station

(All Images Courtesy of the City of Lubbock) In the same way a physician meticulously performs open-heart surgery, cities have […]

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Thomas Haster

Scientists Predict Near-Record ‘Dead Zone’ in Gulf

(Graphic Courtesy of NOAA) Scientists are predicting the Gulf of Mexico’s hypoxic zone to be the size of Massachusetts and […]

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Tina McMartin

The Power of Dams: Marking National Dam Safety Awareness Day

Today, Freese and Nichols joins the dam safety industry today to raise awareness about National Dam Safety Awareness Day.  National Dam […]

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Mapping Better Asset Management

The Central Regional Wastewater System is one of the largest treatment plants in Texas, and its owner, the Trinity River […]

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Mark Evans

$32 Million in Funding Available for Desalination and Reclamation/Reuse Projects

(Photo credit: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation) The Bureau of Reclamation has announced $32 million in funding opportunities for desalination construction […]

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Jason Afinowicz

Are You Being Smart With Managing Your Water Supply?

Are you being smart with how you’re managing your water supply? As the demand and limited availability for water in […]

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John Wolfhope

New Guidance for Articulated Concrete Blocks for Spillway Armoring

In the fight against erosion, articulated concrete blocks serve as an option to armor auxiliary spillways. A new chapter in […]

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Thomas Haster

Connect With Us At Texas Water 2019

We’re excited about our 17 presentations and two posters at Texas Water.  From utility management to drinking water quality to […]

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Scott Cole

AWIA of 2018: Where Do I Get Started?

Note: This is a second part in a series about the AWIA of 2018. Read the first part here. With […]

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