NAFSMA Call for Awards Applications

Evan Burn

The National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies is soliciting applications for the following awards:

NAFSMA Stormwater Management Green Infrastructure Award
Applications due May 17, 2016

The Green Infrastructure Awards Program application (which NAFSMA agreed to pursue under a Green Infrastructure Memorandum of Understanding signed with U.S. EPA in early 2014), calls for submission of the project description that includes a site plan or diagram, and descriptions of the project’s environmental impact, economic impact, outreach efforts, results, maintenance (monitoring, upkeep, costs and reporting) and conclusion.

NAFSMA Excellence in Communications Award
Applications due May 17, 2016

NAFSMA also will be continuing its successful awards program to recognize Excellence in Communication in the categories of “Public Awareness of Flooding and/or Flood Prevention and/or Emergency Preparedness” and “Improving Water Quality.” 

Applications for both awards programs can be accessed at or can be sent to you directly by contacting Both awards programs are open to all public agencies as well as private firms working with a public agency on a green infrastructure project or on communications efforts.  

To discuss your project for potential awards opportunities, contact your project engineer or Account Director Stan Lynch.