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Texas Water

July 14, 2020 to July 18, 2020

Join us at the virtual Texas Water conference and catch our presentations below.

Title: What to Expect When You Are Expecting a New Pretreatment Program
Presenters: Murali Erat
Track: Pretreatment


Title: Data-Driven Decisions in Cowtown: Using the Municipal Water Conservation Planning Tool to Set Targets
Presenters: Jeremy Rice, Adam Conner
Track: Water Conservation

Title: Tis The Season, Modeling and Adopting Seasonal Drought Triggers for the North Texas Municipal Water District
Presenters: Jeremy Rice, Tom Gooch
Track: Water Conservation

Title: Nutrients Are Reappearing: New Developments for TPDES Permits
Presenters: Michael Morrison
Track: Legislative / Regulatory


Title: Professional Ethics for Engineers
Presenters: Bob Pence, Gina Smith


Title: Turbidity, H2S, E. coli, Oh My! Accelerated Design and Construction of a Membrane WTP to Address Unexpected Water Quality Issues
Presenters: Kira Iles, Michael Sherer
Track: Water Treatment & Operations

Title: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: How Richwood Leveraged Effective Utility Planning to
Solve Classic Water and Wastewater Problems
Presenters: Kendall Ryan, Ishita Rahman
Track: Utility Management

Title: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: QC and QA Strategies on the $1.6 Billion Bois d’Arc Lake Program
Presenters: Adam Payne
Track: Construction Issues

Title: Five Shades of Pink: Optimizing Zebra Mussel Control
Presenters: James Naylor, Kira Iles
Track: Water Treatment & Operations


Title: The Big Picture: A Wholistic Approach to Asset Management
Presenters: Ethan Shires, Cullen Carlson, Melissa Brunger
Track: Asset Management

Title: Proactive Prioritization: Fort Worth Water’s Innovative Tool/Approach to Assess Rehabilitation for a 3,500 Mile Water and Sewer System
Presenters: Jessica Brown, Mazen Kawasmi, Andrew Franko
Track: Utility Management

Title: 236 MGD in 3D: Pump Station Innovations at Texas’ First New Reservoir in 30 Years
Presenters: Amanda Powers, Sam Meisner
Track: Water Distribution

Title: Successful Procedure: Wastewater Bypass in the Heart of Dallas
Presenters: Erin Flanagan, Cullen Carlson
Track: Construction Issues


Title: To Assessment and Beyond! Grand Prairie’s Quest to Modernize 247 Large Commercial Water Meters
Presenters: Aaron Conine, Stephen Johnson
Track: Utility Management

Title: What Happens to Your Distribution System When the Lights Go Out? How One City Utilized Elevated Storage Tanks to Protect and Serve Their Citizens
Presenters: Ryan Opgenorth, Andrew Franko
Track: Utility Management


Title: “Beefing Up” Treatment Capacity and Energy Savings with IFAS and Advanced Aeration Control
Presenters: Murali Erat, Rachel Turner
Track: MRRDC/Wastewater Treatment & Operations

Title: Threading the Needle Through Time and Space: The Challenges of Designing a Large Diameter Wastewater Main Through Tight Corridors and in Time to Receive Flows
Presenters: Robb Otey
Track: Wastewater Collection

Title: A Strategic Step in Fort Worth Water’s Asset Management Journey
Presenters: Jessica Brown, Mazen Kawasmi
Track: Asset Management


Title: And That’s the Tea: Tips & Tricks for Young Professionals
Presenters: Allison Blake
Track: Young Professionals


Title: Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle: How The City of Frisco is Repurposing a Potable Water Ground Storage Tank to Serve Midland PGA National Headquarters
Presenters: Steven Rhodes, Clayton Barnard
Track: Water Reuse

Title: One Size Does Not Fit All: Right-Sizing Your Risk and Resilience Assessment
Presenters: David Hunn
Track: Resiliency & Cybersecurity