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Hatley Named President of TSPE

June 26, 2013
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Congratulations to Tricia Hatley, who was named President of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) at the organizations' annual conference in Dallas last week.

As President, Tricia leads the TSPE Board of Directors, which includes Vice Presidents from Texas' five regions, a director from each of about 20 local chapters and representatives from the practice divisions. 

"My primary initiative is to increase member engagement through a focus on younger members as well as further refining our strategic planning," she says. "I’ve revamped our strategic plan document along with our organization leadership to allow us to deploy goals and objectives to our various committees with indicators that can be presented to the membership to illustrate our progress. I’ve used the skills I’ve learned at Freese and Nichols to help with this process improvement."

Tricia is our Group Manager of Urban Planning and Design in the Dallas office.