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Freese and Nichols has provided transportation solutions for more than a century. We provide innovative solutions to challenging projects by combining the skills of experienced engineers, designers and architects. Our coordinated and streamlined approach creates effective solutions that bring concepts to reality.


Thumbnail for Turtle Creek Boulevard Improvements .
Turtle Creek Boulevard Improvements
Thumbnail for IH 45 CEI Services.
IH 45 CEI Services
Thumbnail for Southton Road Emergency Sewer Replacement.
Southton Road Emergency Sewer Replacement
Thumbnail for Intersection of Davis and Mid-Cities Boulevard.
Intersection of Davis and Mid-Cities Boulevard
Thumbnail for Yorktown Boulevard, Staples to Cimarron.
Yorktown Boulevard, Staples to Cimarron
Thumbnail for Aledo Trail.
Aledo Trail
Thumbnail for Tri-Schools Street Improvements and Roundabout.
Tri-Schools Street Improvements and Roundabout
Thumbnail for Ross Street Improvements.
Ross Street Improvements
Thumbnail for Ash Lane Reconstruction.
Ash Lane Reconstruction
Thumbnail for Environmental Planning and Design Services, Fort Polk, Louisiana.
Environmental Planning and Design Services, Fort Polk, Louisiana
Thumbnail for Glade Road Improvements.
Glade Road Improvements
Thumbnail for Merritt Road Improvements .
Merritt Road Improvements


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