Report Details What We Can Learn from Australia’s Drought

Jeremy Rice

A new report details strategies and initiatives Australia adopted to survive its millennium drought and prevent its cities from running out of water, and researchers say these findings may be the key to dealing with our own drought in the states.

“California has made significant progress in advancing water conservation and efficiency to cope with the drought, but this report shows that more can be done,” said Heather Cooley, Director of the Water Program at the Pacific Institute.

Water conservation, planning and management backed by strong community involvement and communication, are main concepts in the report, but lessons on what not to do are also covered. The researchers argue that Australia’s documented mistakes are equally powerful teaching tools in helping California and other drought-stricken states on their journey to cope with drought.

Download the full report, published by researchers at organizations including the Institute for Sustainable Futures, Pacific Institute, and Alliance for Water Efficiency.