Residents Celebrate Drainage Project Completion

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Scott Hubley

Stormwater Engineer

76107 magazine, a publication covering topics relevant to the zip code, recently featured residents of Ashland Avenue in Central Arlington Heights, Fort Worth, joining together to celebrate completion of a drainage improvement project. The neighbors organized a gathering in the middle of the avenue, where they dined on fried chicken and Champagne, and gave “a salute to the street.”

Residents of the flood-prone street have experienced a history of damages and problems related to flooding, but a Freese and Nichols-designed underground detention system was constructed to alleviate these issues. The design consisted of 345 feet of double box culverts extending from curb to curb below the street, providing approximately one acre-foot of detention storage. The box culverts range in size from 2-12’x4’ to 2-12’x9’. A custom diversion structure was designed to be constructed over the existing storm drain line constructed in the 1920s. The structure diverts high flows into the detention boxes for storage while allowing low flows to pass through.The project included extensive coordination with the residents due to the historic nature of the neighborhood and the magnitude of the construction impact to the residents.

View the article on page 48 in 76107 magazine’s November issue


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Scott Hubley, P.E., CFM, is a Stormwater Project Manager in Fort Worth.