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A Living Library of Expertise

Freese and Nichols' publications, presentations and papers share one goal with our award-winning education programs: provide useful information to clients, employees and concerned stakeholders.

In addition to our published resources, Freese and Nichols University offers employees and clients more than 100 classes in approximately 30 different subject areas. All of the classes taught through FN University count toward the yearly professional engineer re-licensing requirement.

At Freese and Nichols, we are proud of our history. Looking back over our 120-plus years, we see how innovative and practical our founders were, and we strive to maintain the spirit of innovation today. We invite you to read more of the Freese and Nichols story in our two history books: A Century in the Workscovering 1894 to 1994, and Continuing the Journey, covering 1995 to 2015.