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Freese and Nichols Certified As Blue Zones Project Worksite

November 21, 2017

Our companywide commitment to employee well-being has been recognized in Fort Worth, where Freese and Nichols has earned designation as a Blue Zones Project Worksite.

This global movement advocates for improving longevity and the quality of life by making healthy choices easier at the community level. Many of the practices we have adopted across the company -- flexible workstations, bike racks, fitness expenditure subsidies, healthy snacks and including healthier choices for lunch meetings -- have been part of our pursuit of Blue Zones designation.

We are the 100th company to receive Blue Zones Worksite approval in Fort Worth. 

"This is a distinction we have all earned together and our commitment to a healthy workplace, and healthy communities, continues throughout our company," said Human Resources Director Ken Reeves.  Ken also noted that we demonstrate this commitment in our work as well as in our personal lives: we plan and develop livable public spaces, safer transportation, and safer water supply, and we work together in our community service projects.

Freese and Nichols joined the Blue Zones Project in part because it addresses what is called the Power 9, an approach to life that focuses on nine critical areas encompassing diet, exercise and relationships. Of the nine elements described in the program, six areas involve how we connect with friends, family and spiritual life.