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Students Imagine a Day Without Water

October 10, 2018

Today, October 10, is Imagine a Day Without Water.

The San Antonio chapters of the ​Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT)  and American Water Works Association (AWWA) partnered with Paul Ott Elementary to host an “Imagine a Day Without Water” art contest. Fifth-grade students submitted artwork depicting what they would envision in a day without access to clean water. The top 13 students’ artwork were to be selected as part of a 2019 calendar. 

During a monthly joint AWWA-WEAT meeting in San Antonio, over 100 meeting attendees had the opportunity to vote for their favorite art work, which generated a buzz and excitement for future calendar orders. On September 28, 2018, three representatives from WEAT and AWWA — Freese and Nichols' Rosa Valdez and Helen Salama, both in Treatment, Transmission and Utilities in San Antonio, and Denyce Alcorta of the San Antonio Water System — presented on the “Value of Water” and announced the winners to the school during a pep-rally filled with over 750 students. The first-place winner received a scooter and helmet, as well as her artwork featured on the cover page of the calendar; all 13 winners will receive a pizza party. 

Highlights of the event included a combination of students learning more about the value of water, connecting with industry professionals, and gaining the opportunity to investigate a career field many students may have never evaluated before. 

"It was very rewarding to see all the students be motivated to be good stewards of one of our most precious resources - water!" said Rosa.

Creating an engaging way for students to learn more about water, while having the support of their Principal, Vice Principal, and teachers fostered a successful, collaborative venture between the water industry and academia. Special thanks to the volunteer judges from both AWWA and WEAT chapters: Vicente Garza, Annie Peche, Jeff Farnsworth, Jaqueline McMahon, Helen Salama, Denyce Alcorta and Rosa Valdez.