Scoping Sewers, Saving Millions

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Kendall Ryan

Water/Wastewater Engineer

Underground Construction magazine featured Freese and Nichols in an article describing the City of Fort Worth’s Interceptor Condition Assessment Program (ICAP), which assesses the City’s large diameter interceptor sewers and develops recommendations for a long-term capital improvement plan. We are serving as a subconsultant to White Rock Consultants to provide engineering services and contract management for the program, now in its fourth year.

ICAP is the largest known implementation of this technology in the world. The project uses high-definition CCTV cameras, laser and sonar technologies (shown in video below) to detect corrosion and debris in the pipes and develop 3D renderings of pipelines. Traditionally, an HD CCTV operation for all of the City’s pipes would take ten years, and conditions from previous years would have changed in that time. This project is expected to take only six years, enabling the City to more proactively prioritize and address repairs.

The program has already saved $4.5 million in cleaning costs and at least $3 million in prevention of line failures. View the video below for more information about this innovative project. More innovations

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Kendall Ryan, PE, is a Water/Wastewater Engineer in Pearland.