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Alan Hutson

Surge Manager Rebecca Peters Featured as ‘Industry Person of the Week’

Freese and Nichols Surge Manager Rebecca Peters, PE, was featured as “Industry Person of the Week” by Empowering Pumps & […]

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Stephanie Buckingham

Looking for Help Preparing for Your FE, PE or SE Exam?

The Engineering Management Institute (see EMI podcast interview with our me here) has partnered with PPI-Kaplan to provide a discount to FE, PE, […]

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Gina Smith

How to Deal with Difficult People

It’s no secret that we’ll deal with difficult people throughout our lives and careers. Working in the architecture/engineering/construction industry, we […]

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Morgan McIlwain

Yes, Please: Etiquette Tips for Video Conferencing

In an effort to keep companies connected, the role of video conference calls has become vital (and yet still a […]

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