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Trooper Smith

The Secrets to Inclusive Professionalism

As companies’ focus shifts to the retention of new employees from diverse backgrounds and expertise, the industry needs to learn […]

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Alex Conner

When To Apply For Internships

As the job market gets more and more competitive, internships and co-ops can put you ahead of the competition. But […]

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Gina Smith

How to Deal with Difficult People

It’s no secret that we’ll deal with difficult people throughout our lives and careers. Working in the architecture/engineering/construction industry, we […]

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Lauren Hilton

How to Balance Being a Parent and Professional

Balancing career and parenthood takes planning and flexibility and can teach you new skills at both work and home. Before […]

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Morgan McIlwain

Yes, Please: Etiquette Tips for Video Conferencing

In an effort to keep companies connected, the role of video conference calls has become vital (and yet still a […]

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Trang Nguyen

From Intern to Engineer: Tips for Success as a Young Professional

An internship is essential for getting a taste of what it means to be an engineer. Even better is a […]

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