Tag: Transportation

Laying Foundations for Port Freeport’s Progress

Over the past five years, Port Freeport has powered forward on an ambitious plan to broaden its role as an […]

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Elizabeth Palasota

How COVID-19 is Affecting the Transportation Industry

Many agencies in the transportation industry are continuing to work during the coronavirus outbreak, while taking necessary precautions to protect […]

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Cory Stull

How Drainage Analysis, Innovation Drive the Texas Central High-Speed Train

In order to connect passengers between Dallas and Houston in 90 minutes, the proposed Texas Central High-Speed Rail must cross […]

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Alan Greer

What the Future of North Texas Will Look Like

The latest issue of the North Texas Commission’s NTX Magazine focuses on the future of North Texas and how the […]

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Eddie Haas

Is Parking A Thing of the Past?

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, the curb is one of the most in-demand spaces. With new players in the game […]

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