Tag: Urban Planning

Lubbock Comprehensive Plan Embraces Collaboration for Fully Connected Response to Growth

Plan Lubbock 2040, the City’s first comprehensive planning effort in more than three decades, received a top honor from the American Planning Association – Texas Chapter.

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Wendy Shabay
Chance Sparks

Make Online Engagement Work for Your Community

When communities went into coronavirus lockdowns and canceled public meetings starting in March 2020, some cities were determined not to […]

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Shad Comeaux

Tips For Revitalizing Your Town’s Downtown

City of Port Arthur Downtown Revitalization Plan As an Urban Planner, we’re often tasked with the great responsibility of helping […]

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Urban Planning and Design Brochure

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Lauren Hilton

LinkedIn Bios: Craft Your Story and Quick

Note: This is a second part in a series on how to improve your LinkedIn presence. Read the first one […]

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Alan Greer

What the Future of North Texas Will Look Like

The latest issue of the North Texas Commission’s NTX Magazine focuses on the future of North Texas and how the […]

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Stephanie Buckingham

Looking for Help Preparing for Your FE, PE or SE Exam?

The Engineering Management Institute (see EMI podcast interview with our me here) has partnered with PPI-Kaplan to provide a discount to FE, PE, […]

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Lauren Hilton

Tips for Battling Burnout

In workplaces across the country, employees are increasingly feeling the burn of burnout. Learning to counter it is another useful […]

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Jewel LeBlanc

To Return or Not to Return to Higher Education

Summer is in full swing. The smell of sunscreen, chlorine and BBQ are here. One smell that is closing in […]

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Trooper Smith

The Secrets to Inclusive Professionalism

As companies’ focus shifts to the retention of new employees from diverse backgrounds and expertise, the industry needs to learn […]

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Alex Conner

When To Apply For Internships

As the job market gets more and more competitive, internships and co-ops can put you ahead of the competition. But […]

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Sebastian Farkas

Learning from Setbacks As a Young Professional

As a young professional, you might kick yourself when you make a mistake or wonder whether you have what it […]

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