TCEQ Rule Updates

Coby Gee

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has provided updates on recent rule proposals and adoptions:

  1. TCEQ 217 Rule Updates and Readoption of 317 – These changes were approved by the commission and became effective on November 26, 2015. TCEQ 317 is being readopted by TCEQ to govern existing wastewater treatment plants that have not been upgraded since the adoption of the 217 rules. Once these plants are expended or upgraded, they will fall under the 217 rules. PDF versions of these rules can be found on TCEQ’s website
  2. HB655: Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) – This is a pending rule proposal on which commissioners will vote on December 9, 2015. If approved, it will be filed with the Texas Register for public comment and will become a “rule proposal.” This rule is very important in that it removes the requirement that water injected into ASRs must meet drinking water standards. Previously, all water injected into ASR wells must meet drinking water standards regardless of the water quality of the existing aquifer. This should help make ASR a much more attractive water storage option by decreasing costs.

For more information, visit the TCEQ website or contact Coby Gee, Treatment, Transmission and Utilities.