Throwback Thursday: Texas Floods

Jeremy Rice

“Call Endress regarding status of Fort Worth Lakes handling of floods” would seem like an appropriate statement for May 26, 2015. However, this was written by early partner and firm namesake Simon Freese in a May 26, 1957 diary entry during another wet May that ended the multi-year 1950’s drought.

In fact, in May 1957, 12.64 inches of rainfall were recorded at DFW Airport making it the 2nd wettest May in Texas, while May 2015 has seen 12.31 inches (as of May 27, 2015,) the 3rd wettest May on record. In both cases, much of Texas experienced one of the worst droughts in recent memory – the 1950’s drought is sometimes referred to as the drought of record. In similar fashion a wet May has transitioned cities from water supply concerns to flooding concerns in a matter of weeks.

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