TNRIS Set to End Free Aerial Imagery Service

Ben Hawkins

Free access to high resolution Google aerial imagery will soon end for cities, counties and other public agencies in Texas. Beginning Sept. 1, 2017, the Texas Imagery Service from TNRIS, the Texas Natural Resource Information System, to provide high resolution Google aerial imagery will transition from a free service for public entities to a paid service. 

Depending on the public entities’ size and usage during the free phase of the program, they will be placed in one of three categories (State, Regional, Local) and a corresponding pricing tier. TNRIS will contact current users of the free service by June 30 to let them know which usage tier they fall into.   

See chart below for pricing structure. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Ben Hawkins in Dallas at 214-217-2316 or Brian King in Austin at 512-617-3175.

State Agency Annual Subscription

Regional Agency Annual Subscription

Local Agency Annual Subscription