Trevino Named TFMA Committee Co-Chair and First-Ever Elections Chair

Kelly Dillard

Jill Trevino, P.E., CFM, was appointed to two State Chair positions at the Texas Floodplain Management Association (TFMA) Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

After serving six months as the Secretary of the TFMA Stormwater Committee, Jill has been named a co-chair of the statewide committee on stormwater practices, along with Steve Eubanks of the City of Fort Worth. Jill and Steve are charged with developing a plan for introducing urban stormwater practices, such as water quality and stream restoration, in an organization that has traditionally focused on riverine flooding. The committee is made up of more than 50 stormwater industry leaders in Texas, including representatives from 25 municipalities and several state agencies and private consultants.

Jill was also appointed as the first Elections Chair of TFMA. She is in charge of an initiative to develop an electronic election process that will make the organization more efficient during biennial election years.

Jill also serves on the TFMA Outreach Committee and created the organization’s Flood Zone program, which is aimed at teaching children, citizens and policymakers about floodplain management through portable three-dimensional flooding simulations. She is debuting the new program to the TFMA membership at the Spring Conference in Irving.