TWDB Financial Assistance Workshops, Feb. 3 SWIFT Application Deadline

John Logan

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) recently held financial assistance workshops across the state to discuss its programs and project funding for the upcoming year.

The TWDB staff spoke about a wide variety of financial assistance programs, including:

  • SWIFT (State Water Implementation Fund for Texas) for projects included in the state water plan
  • SRF (State Revolving Fund) Programs for waste and drinking water projects
  • TWDF (Texas Water Development Fund) for water supply, conservation, water quality enhancement, flood control and municipal solid waste projects
  • EDAP (Economically Distressed Areas Program) for water and wastewater projects for economically distressed communities
  • RWAF (Rural Water Assistance Fund) for water and wastewater construction projects at low-interest rates to rural communities
  • SP (State Participation) Program for regional water, wastewater, or flood control projects
  • Regional Water and Regional Facility Planning Grant Programs for studies to evaluate regional water supply and wastewater facility needs
  • Flood Protection Planning Grant Program for the development of plans to provide flood protection
  • Water Research Grant Program for research dedicated to significantly enhancing the proper planning, management, conservation, development, or protection of Texas’ water resources

The TWDB is currently accepting applications for their low-interest loan and grant programs. The deadline for the abridged SWIFT application is tomorrow, February 3, 2015. Full SWIFT applications will be due within 30 days from the Board meeting, at which the applicant’s project will have received priority for funding. The deadline for many of the other applications is March 2nd, though applications can be submitted year-round for any remaining funding.

Additional items worth noting:

  • The TWDB is opening an online application tool that will be available in early February. Applicants are encouraged to use this online tool for a more streamlined application process
  • There are a number of loan forgiveness programs (30 to 100 percent loan forgiveness), including loan forgiveness available for communities that have smaller populations or are economically distressed
  • Loan forgiveness is being offered for “Green” projects, up to 15 percent of the green elements of the project

For more information on TWDB loans and how Freese and Nichols can help you apply, please contact our Funding Team at