Upcoming Presentations at National Conferences

Jay Scanlon

See our presentations below at the ERWI LID Conference and StormCon. We hope to see you there.

Title:  Rodney Cook, Sr. Park – How Atlanta is Using Partnerships, Low Impact Development, and Park Design Techniques to Rejuvenate a Community
Conference: EWRI LID Conference, Nashville, TN
Freese and Nichols Presenter: Kim Patak, P.E.
Co-Presenters: City of Atlanta, HDR
When: 8:30-10 a.m. Aug. 14
Summary:  Modeled after the recent successes of Atlanta’s Historic Fourth Ward Park, the 16-acre Rodney Cook, Sr. Park seamlessly integrates sustainable low impact development (LID) features within a programmed park space. This presentation will describe the complex, social, environmental and economic challenges facing the project and how engineers and landscape architects worked closely to reach a common goal. This pivotal project represents a collaborative design effort between TPL, the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation, The National Monument Foundation, and most importantly the residents of Vine City.


Title:  A Public-Private Partnership Case Study:  MLK Transit Oriented Development
Conference: StormCon, Denver, CO
FNI Presenter: Will Huff, P.E.
When:  2:30-3: p.m. (MDT) Aug. 14
Summary:  Funding for stormwater infrastructure projects is one of the greatest challenges for any governmental organization involved with stormwater management. Several funding mechanisms will be discussed that can be used to bring projects to fruition.  A case study will be presented to describe the process involved to execute a Public-Private-Partnership (P3) between the City of Austin (COA) Watershed Protection Department (WPD) and a private developer to construct new storm drain infrastructure along the MLK Transit Oriented Development (TOD) region in Austin, Texas.