Updates to TxDOT Erosion Control Approved Products List

Will Huff

TxDOT Erosion Control Product TestingEffective June 1st, TxDOT will be making some significant cuts to their Approved Products List (APL) for erosion control products.

Many of the products on the current APL have been removed as they no longer meet the minimum performance standards set by TxDOT, which have been changed this year due to increasing environmental regulations. As a result, the revised APL will be much less exhaustive than the previous versions.

While the changes originally went into effect on February 1st, TxDOT has allowed TxDOT Erosion Control Product Testinga three-month grace period to allow manufacturers who have been removed from the current APL to retest their products. Additional information as well as the revised APL can be found on the TxDOT website at the following link: http://www.txdot.gov/business/resources/erosion-control.html.