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Drought conditions have continued to intensify and expand across portions of the West, High Plains, Midwest, and the South. Fueled by dry conditions and Santa Ana winds, there was an explosive growth of the fires that started in Southern California the first week of December. In contrast, some snow fell across the South and Southeast, including southern Texas eastward into Georgia. There were a few areas where drought conditions improved, mainly in the far southern areas where there...

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In the December 2017 Climate Prediction Center update, La Niña conditions are predicted to continue (exceeding ~80 percent chance) through the Northern Hemisphere during winter 2017-18. Therefore, there is currently a La Niña advisory alert, and these conditions are likely to affect temperature and precipitation in the United States. The current outlook generally favors above-average temperatures and below-median precipitation across the southern tier of the United States, and below-average temperatures and above-median precipitation across the northern tier...

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