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A statewide engineering organization has given its highest individual honor to Freese and Nichols Chairman Bob Pence.

Bob received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award for Engineering from the ...

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UPDATE: Our Houston and Pearland offices will open at noon Thursday. Our office in Corpus Christi reopened Wednesday.


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Richard Weatherly, Water/Wastewater Master Planning, Pearland, and Corrie Bondar, Water/Wastewater Master Planning, Raleigh, recently bylined an article featured in Shale Play Water Management Magazine, a national publication focused on America’s Oil and Gas Industry. Titled “Reclaiming Revenue: Water planning and sustainability can pay off for water companies,” the article discusses a project in the Eagle Ford Shale.


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The City of Fort Worth’s Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility was recently selected to receive the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) Award for Excellence in Innovation. The City was recognized for “its use of WERF research to guide the implementation of a series of sustainable facility upgrades.” The City implemented a number of energy-efficient features through improved electrical facilities, converting some processes to alternative energy sources, and improving methane gas production. Freese and Nichols designed the facility’s anoxic zone improvements and co-digestion...

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