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In September, Freese and Nichols’ North Texas Transportation and Transportation Planning teams transformed an on-street parking spot into an active tiny park in Downtown Dallas. As part of the annual PARK(ing) Day event, Freese and Nichols joined other local businesses, organizations, and individuals in promoting the active use of public spaces. The national event promotes social interaction, civic engagement, critical thinking, and creativity by permitting on-street...

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The reduced availability of funds for the expansion of cities’ roadway network has hindered many cities from upgrading infrastructure to meet increasing travel demands resulting from new growth. One method to alleviate this funding issue is for a city to collect impact fees from new development to help fund expansion of the network. What is unique and perhaps controversial about impact fees is that they often finance roadway improvements that are outside the development itself. However, when considering traffic implications created from a system standpoint, impact fees provide a means by...

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