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In Executive Order 13807, signed Aug.15, President Donald Trump revoked Executive Order 13690, which was signed by President Barack Obama on Jan. 30, 2015.

Executive Order 13690 had established the ...

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Big news in the hydraulic modeling world: Innovyze and XP Solutions have merged.

The developers of the more common 1D/2D dynamic modeling software merging leads to some interesting possibilities, but so far there has been little analysis of the implications of this action. The press release seems to indicate that overall costs will decrease for the software deployments. But there has been no word on any specific changes to the licensing for either software...

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A great resource for aerial imagery and animations from NASA, “Visible Earth” recently posted a photo from one of its satellites showing the effects of the significant amount of rain the South has experienced over the last several weeks. The first image shows flooding (in dark blue) around the Mississippi and White rivers. The second image shows a map of rainfall that fell from March 7-14; the brightest shades (located in northern Louisiana, northwestern Mississippi, and a major portion of Arkansas) indicate rainfall totals of 24 inches over the span of that week.


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Co-authored by Hector Olmos, P.E., CFM

visualizing levee failures 2D techniquesFreese and Nichols developed an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for a Levee Improvement District in Fort Bend County, Texas. The purpose of the EAP is to outline the actions that need to be implemented before, during and after a breach of the levee. In order to better define the actions that need to take place after a breach of the levee, our team developed a hydraulic model of the...

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In riverine systems, bridges typically represent an obstruction to channel and floodplain flow. The obstruction to flow can be a source of substantial energy loss. In order to appropriately model the energy loss due to a bridge in HEC-RAS, there are some things you should know.

Bridge modeling in HEC-RAS has several components:

  • Bounding cross sections
  • Ineffective flow areas
  • Bridge opening

This post provides the information necessary to model a simple bridge using HEC-RAS.

Bounding Cross Sections


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