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Co-authored by Boris Minot.

Low Impact Development (LID) has emerged as a highly innovative and effective approach to managing stormwater quality at the source and as a means for better mimicking natural hydrology. While many cities are excited about LID techniques, an equal number of developers and engineers are afraid of the unknown. The City of Dallas identified the need to develop LID standard details in order to ease those fears and to ensure sound design and construction of LID applications. Freese and Nichols, in coordination with Hayden Consultants, researched...

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Runoff from a new development is often conveyed to a detention pond that temporarily stores water and reduces the increase in flows. Since detention is intended to prevent localized flooding, questions begin to arise when downstream residents complain of new flooding issues after construction. Does the detention design meet criteria? Was there an abnormally large storm event? Does the criteria need to be reevaluated?

Recently, the Town of Sunnyvale was confronted with several questions from residents when two recently constructed schools possibly created new downstream flooding...

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In September 2014, some revisions were made to the iSWM Technical Manual to provide further clarification and detail to the manual. The manual and notice of the revisions can be found at the website below. The iSWM Online Technical Manual is produced by the North Central Texas Council of Governments to provide guidance and technical details for the protection of water quality, stream bank protection, and flood mitigation in North Texas. 

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