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The City of Wichita Falls is preparing for future floods after experiencing heavy storms over Memorial Day weekend. A new Wichita River floodplain study has now been approved by the City Council to protect citizens and infrastructure from future flood events. The project has been covered by Wichita Falls’ local News Channel 6.

Our team helped the...

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Tagsdrainage infrastructure, flooding damage, emergency evacuation plans, flooding maps, floodplain study,

The City of Wichita Falls developed emergency evacuation plans for Memorial Day rains, with the help of Freese and Nichols. The weather service was projecting a potential flood of record for the Wichita River.

Within a matter of hours, we developed flood maps that they could use for emergency management operations, sending GIS files for floodplain delineations of a variety of flood stages corresponding to the potential flood stages. The City pulled the maps up on the screen at the emergency operations center and went to work making their emergency evacuation plans.


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TagsCity of Wichita Falls, emergency evacuation plans, stormwater planning, stormwater funding, drainage improvements, GIS,

Members of our North Texas Stormwater Group toured Arlington project sites to check on their progress this month. 

They toured a site by golf cart, checking on Village Creek erosion repairs throughout the Lake Arlington Golf Course. Freese and Nichols provided hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, stream geomorphological assessment and design services for storm drainage and erosion improvements to alleviate erosion throughout the sites. Improvements included about 850 feet of low maintenance, stable channel solutions and water line rehabilitation suspended from two golf cart path...

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TagsStormwater emergency repair, erosion repair, Lake Arlington Golf Course, Hydraulic Modeling, storm drainage improvements,

76107 magazine, a publication covering topics relevant to the zip code, recently featured residents of Ashland Avenue in Central Arlington Heights, Fort Worth, joining together to celebrate completion of...

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The City of Fort Worth requested that Freese and Nichols perform a feasibility study on Royal Creek to determine if the channel erosion in the study reach could be stabilized using natural channel design techniques. The City’s goals were to reduce erosion and “showcase” a natural channel design.

The City of Fort Worth had received complaints from residents along the creek about channel erosion and localized flooding, specifically about a failed concrete drop structure that resulted in a 13-foot vertical drop in the channel bed. 

Freese and...

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