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What is an MS4?

An MS4, or “municipal separate storm sewer systems,” is part of the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) general permit. The goal of an MS4 is to reduce potential pollutants conveyed to our local waters. 

The MS4 lists several Minimum Control Measures, or MCMs, that a City must address: 

  1. Public Education, Outreach and Involvement
  2. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE)
  3. Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control
  4. Post Construction Stormwater Management in New Development and
  5. ...

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According to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), the EPA has made an official statement that they are deferring development of a National Post Construction Stormwater Rule and are redirecting efforts toward addressing more targeted stormwater challenges.

Freese and Nichols is in touch with EPA staff to identify specifics of this strategy shift, but a movement away from national stormwater rulemaking removes, or at least delays, a significant regulatory impact to municipalities that has been expected over the last several years. Until this announced strategy...

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The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) reported Friday, Aug. 16, that the federal government and DeKalb County, Georgia reached a settlement in a lawsuit regarding federal facilities’ payment of municipal stormwater utility fees. The settlement requires the federal government to pay the disputed stormwater fees in question.  In 2011, a federal law was passed requiring the federal government to pay stormwater fees established by local governments. The U.S. General Accounting Office shortly after determined that stormwater fees are actually a tax and since the federal...

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Brief summary of court action

A U.S. District judge ruled on January 3 that the Clean Water Act does not allow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to designate water as a water pollutant or a pollutant surrogate, and thus the amount of flow cannot be restricted by EPA for water quality protection purposes. EPA had implemented flow volume controls as a proxy to reduce sediment issues in an impaired tributary of the Potomac River in Virginia, and had been trying to implement volume controls as part of total maximum daily load (TMDL) limits in this instance....

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The staff at Fort Hood take great pride in providing an environment to train U.S. troops to protect our country and our interests around the world. While serving this important mission, Fort Hood is required to comply with Clean Water Act requirements to protect water quality from pollution in urban storm water runoff. Like many cities throughout Texas and the U.S., Fort Hood is an operator of a Phase II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and is in the midst of implementing a storm water management program in the urbanized areas of the installation.

Utilization of...

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