WaterSMART Grant Funding Available for 2019

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Mark Evans

Funding Specialist

The Bureau of Reclamation has announced 11 funding opportunities for more than $100 million through their 2019 WaterSmart programs.

WaterSmart Grants – $34 million for the planning and implementation of actions to increase water supply through investments to modernize existing infrastructure and reduce local water conflicts.

Water and Energy Efficiency Grants Water management improvements that result in quantifiable water savings and support broader water reliability benefits. Key selection will be based on quantification of water savings, water reliability benefits and increased hydroelectric capacity.

Small-Scale Water Efficiency Projects – Small-scale water management projects that have been identified through previous planning efforts. Key selection will be based on applicant’s prior planning efforts that support the project and its benefits.

Water Marketing Strategy – Support for entities exploring actions that can be taken to develop or facilitate water marketing that could provide a mechanism for willing participants to buy, sell, lease or exchange water. Priority will be given for strategies supporting larger water markets, with more transactions and strategies supporting a small number or even a single transaction if that strategy is likely to lead to immediate implementation of a water marketing project.

Title XVI Grants – $58.6 million for the identification and investigation of opportunities to reclaim or reuse wastewaters and naturally impaired ground and surface water.

Water Reuse Research – Proposals should demonstrate how the study will support planning-related research, improvements at existing facilities, or technology deployment at new locations.

Implementation of Water Reuse Projects – For the planning, design, and construction of water recycling/reuse projects. Key selection based on demonstration of how a project will stretch water supplies in a cost-effective manner.

Desalination Construction – $12 million for the planning, design, and construction of brackish groundwater and ocean desalination projects. Projects should demonstrate expansion of water availability and improvement to the environment in a cost-effective manner.

Drought Response Program – $9 million for Drought Contingency Plans and Drought Resiliency Projects. Key selection criteria will be the need for a contingency plan or update, or projects that provide drought resiliency benefits and address actual or potential drought impacts.

Cooperative Watershed Management Program – $2.3 million for watershed restoration and management. Key selection criteria will be for projects that address water supply concerns and improve water quality and reduce water conflicts.

Programs are limited to projects located in the Western United States or United States Territories. Application deadlines vary by program.

Contact your Freese and Nichols Project Manager to explore ways that your project might qualify under these programs.

For more information regarding this or other water funding opportunities, contact me at mark.evans@freese.com.

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Mark Evans is a Funding Specialist in San Marcos.