What Does FNI Water™ Mean for Water and Wastewater Treatment?

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Erin Flanagan

Water/Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Engineer

As part of our efforts to convey the focus of our FNI Water™ initiative, we will address each of the key areas in a series of articles. We will discuss how, together, they provide a comprehensive, environmentally-responsible approach to water supply projects through implementation of best practices through every step, from planning to operations. This week, we are highlighting water and wastewater treatment.

Whether needing guidance when facing a more stringent discharge limit, exploring options for incorporating or expanding a reclaimed water system from a treatment facility, or evaluating existing or new equipment for energy and process performance efficiency, the FNI Water™ initiative serves as the backbone to providing these and other best practices to our clients. Other best practices and services provided by FNI Water™ include:

  • Identifying automation and treatment practices that reduce the cost of treated water produced
  • Considering areas for water reuse/recycling and conservation
  • Coordinating with system demands or peak flows to optimize treatment facility storage and treatment capacity options
  • Identifying methods for resource recovery and reclamation in the treatment facility
  • Identifying opportunities for alternative water supply treatment options (e.g. brackish water desalination) where feasible
  • Incorporating natural processes and ecosystem functions where feasible

We strive to keep our best practices at the forefront of each challenge and consistent with our goal. Our FNI Water™ treatment goal is to maximize the quantity and quality of water available for use or environmental discharge consistent with the purpose. We look forward to putting our initiative to work for you.

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Erin Flanagan, PE, BCEE, is a Water/Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Engineer in Dallas.