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Flood Awareness: Public Resources

To better plan and prepare for flooding events, it is important to be aware of available resources. 

“It is crucial that Texans understand and respect the power of water. Planning and preparing are the keys to reducing loss of life and property," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote in his Texas Flood Awareness Week Proclamation. Read more about it here.

Our stormwater group has compiled the following list of national and state websites, and while it is not intended to be a comprehensive list, we hope that it helps in raising awareness of the information available to the public with regards to flooding.



Flood Warning Systems and Near-Real-Time Data

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Models

Floodplains & Floodplain Maps

Organizations & Research

Specifically, for Homeowners

New Mexico and Texas


Oklahoma, Arkansas, Southern Kansas and Northern Texas


New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana:




North Carolina

South Carolina

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