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What to Know as You Grow

City leaders: Feeling growing pains in your community? Here’s timely advice for managing growth by planning for it together with your constituents.

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Wendy Shabay Bonneau

Urban Planner


Rebekah Gates

Current Drought Conditions in the United States

Learn the details of drought conditions in states across the Southwest and Southeast.

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Jason Steele

How the Tricolored Bat Federal Listing Could Affect Your Project

A proposal to list the wide-ranging tricolored bat as an endangered species could require more approvals for projects that involve clearing trees, working on bridges and culverts, or impacting other places the bats roost. See how our environmental scientists can help you navigate this development.

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Lake Arlington Pump Station Shared Operations Improvements

In Texas, the City of Arlington and the Trinity River Authority entered into a partnership to share, renew and operate an existing raw water pump station. The two different owners operate separate raw water pump stations, on Lake Arlington, that service 600,000 people, are less than 600 feet apart.

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Nina Reins

The Dillard Wetland Restoration: Reducing Flood Risk and Creating a Healthy Retreat for New Orleans

More than 17 years earlier, this wetland area was significantly impacted by Hurricane Katrina and is still recovering. This hydrologic resiliency project is designed to increase stormwater retention capacity and reestablish healthy wetland vegetation and to provide a retreat from urban life with a variety of community improvements.

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Annie Vest

What to Know About the New Oklahoma Disaster Mitigation Recovery Fund

The Oklahoma Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Matching Fund was created to help counties and municipalities impacted by natural disasters and has recently gone into effect. The fund, developed by Rep. Lonnie Sims, R-Jenks in House Bill 3819, is designed to help appropriate $5 million to aid counties and communities impacted by natural disasters or at risk for future loss in their application for recovery and mitigation project financing. The new fund is an opportunity to match federal grant programs like those from FEMA and others.

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Fast-Track Pump Station Project Provides Reliable Water Source During Droughts

The Sabine River Pump Station and Pipeline Project replaced an existing pump station that had reached the end of its design life. The project provides a more reliable water source during drought conditions as well as essential water supplies to serve industrial and municipal customers.

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Brian King
Dan Christiansen

Taking Drones to New Heights for Your Projects

Learn how drones can improve your project documentation, inspection, emergency management and more – and save you time and money.

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Civil Engineering Magazine Features Emergency Riverbank Project in Fort Worth

Our multidisciplinary team applied geomorphology expertise, innovation and a quick response to help Fort Worth Water design and implement emergency repairs for an eroding riverbank in a sensitive area.

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Jessica Brown

Compliance Window Closing for Submitting Water Emergency Preparedness Plans to TCEQ

Missed the SB 3 March deadline? Learn how Freese and Nichols can help you catch up.

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Brandon Huxford

The Art of Public Involvement

As practitioners, we know that federally funded projects mandate public involvement. Instead of just “checking the box” when it comes […]

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Signature Fort Worth Bridges Shine With RGB Lighting System

The three signature bridges for the Trinity River Vision Panther Island project near downtown Fort Worth feature RGB LED lighting […]

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Jessica Brown

What’s Next for Water Emergency Preparedness Plans

As Texas water utilities move from submitting their emergency preparedness plans to TCEQ into the implementation phase, here are important tips that can help with compliance.

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