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Emergency Riverbank Repairs Protect Fort Worth’s Twin 90-Inch Pipes

When erosion along the Trinity River exposed a 90-inch wastewater pipeline and a temporary protection failed, a multidiscipline Freese and Nichols team helped avert an environmental disaster for the City of Fort Worth.


Jason Currie

Modeling Platforms for Regulatory Flood Risk Data Development, Part I: 2D vs. 1D

2D rain-on-grid modeling methodology allows modelers to conduct large-scale watershed-based analyses not previously possible, as studied for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

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Design-Build Momentum Continues in Georgia

Design-Build projects in Georgia show how a collaborative delivery approach helps communities meet schedule and budget goals for water infrastructure improvements.

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Chuck Gilman

Delivering an Increasing Project Workload with Limited Resources

Supplementing your city or county workforce with outside staff dedicated to completing specific programs can offer a workable, scalable and affordable solution for managing an increasing project workload. We can show you how.

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City of Celina Earns iSWM Gold

Freese and Nichols worked with the City of Celina to help it earn the highest level of certification currently awarded by the NCTCOG.

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Jessica Brown

New Law Sets Early 2022 Deadline for All Texas Water Utilities

Learn more about Texas’ new requirement that water utilities develop plans to keep their services operating during an extended power outage.

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Innovation: A Fast-Paced Solution to Clean New Braunfels’ Water

Multiple innovative approaches cut the time for design, permitting and construction of a new treatment plant in half to help New Braunfels Water meet summer drinking water demands and prepare to keep pace with the needs of a growing population.

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Ashley Poe

Flood Awareness: Public Resources

To better plan and prepare for flooding events, it is important to be aware of available resources. Our stormwater group […]

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Krista Melnar

Flood Awareness: The Power of Water

May marks Flood Awareness Month in Oklahoma, and May 24-28 marks Flood Awareness Week in Texas. Earlier this year, Georgia recognized […]

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Helping Refine Fort Worth’s Water Asset Management Strategy

A comprehensive study has helped the City of Fort Worth better focus its water planning and management.

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Nina Reins

When Every Minute Counts: Continual Outreach and Coastal Modeling Support

When decisions about evacuations and allocations of emergency resources are at stake, it’s critical that the technology is based on up-to-date data.

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Craig Wells

Sea Level Impact Projection Studies: What They Are and What They Aren’t

A new Florida law will require public entities to conduct Sea Level Impact Projection (SLIP) studies ahead of coastal building projects that use state funding. Here are some key guidelines for planning such projects.

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Nina Reins

When Every Minute Counts: Flood Inundation Modeling and Mapping

Our hydraulic and hydrologic modeling improved decision support, emergency response and post-disaster recovery through the Compound Flood Inundation Guidance System.

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