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What to Know as You Grow

City leaders: Feeling growing pains in your community? Here’s timely advice for managing growth by planning for it together with your constituents.

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Wendy Shabay Bonneau

Urban Planner


Building Resilience For a Harris County Waterway

Innovative repairs have helped reduce flooding risks for a North Houston neighborhood.

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Mark Evans

TWDB Funding Now Available to Address Emerging Contaminants

Water and wastewater agencies have until June 7 to apply for $60 million in new funding for projects to help reduce exposure to emerging contaminants such as PFAS.

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Award-Winning Biosolids Facility Provides Innovative Solution for Wastewater Byproducts

The City of Fort Worth’s new facility incorporates several first-of-its-kind innovations, including the largest rotary drum dryer in the world in a biosolids application.

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Weatherford’s Innovative Reuse System Wins Texas Water Award

The City of Weatherford picked up a Texas Water Award for its innovative approach in providing an additional water source for the growing community. Congratulations to the project team behind the city’s Indirect Potable Reclaimed Water System.

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David Buzan

What’s Wrong With Your Water? Our Scientists Can Help Identify Problem Microbes

Our team’s expertise in microscopic analysis can lead to solutions that protect water quality for humans, plants and marine life.

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Angling For the Right Pump Room Light

Applying principles of geometry and physics, our electrical team devised specialized solutions for a lighting challenge.

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Mark Evans

TWDB Opens Solicitation for Lead Service Line Replacement Projects

Texas public water systems have a new opportunity to pay for the replacement of lead pipes in their districts, as part of the distribution of funds from the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

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EPA Proposes New PFAS Regulations for Drinking Water

New PFAS limits could significantly impact vulnerable public water systems. Learn more about the proposal and how Freese and Nichols can help you.

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Rebekah Gates

Current Drought Conditions in the United States

Learn the details of drought conditions in states across the Southwest and Southeast.

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Bioengineering and Sustainable Tools for Emergency Streambank Repair at Salem Creek

The City of Winston-Salem was able to successfully use bioengineering and a variety of other natural and sustainable tools to restore the Salem Creek stream after emergency erosion, as well as resolve sediment challenges and reduce future erosion issues.

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Rhys Wilson

How to Simplify Your Development Code Update

These tips can help make the challenging code-revision process more manageable.

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Hazardous Roadway Overtopping Mitigation (HROM): Managing a Multitude of Road Flood Hazards

After roadway flooding led to multiple deaths in 2018, the City of Fort Worth stepped up its efforts to improve public safety. The City reevaluated priorities for its Stormwater Division and enlisted help from Freese and Nichols to reduce roadway overtopping. Read more about this ACEC Texas award-winning project.

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