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Award-Winning Biosolids Facility Provides Innovative Solution for Wastewater Byproducts

The City of Fort Worth’s new facility incorporates several first-of-its-kind innovations, including the largest rotary drum dryer in the world in a biosolids application.


Julie Huerta

What Proposed Lead and Copper Rule Improvements Mean for Water Utilities

The EPA has proposed a rule for water utilities to replace all lead pipes within 10 years. Learn how Freese and Nichols can help you with compliance.

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PFAS Technology Study Promises to Benefit Water Utilities at Military Base and Beyond

As PFAS becomes a growing concern, Freese and Nichols is working with Columbus Water Works (CWW) on a multi-phase approach […]

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Annie Vest

What FEMA Funding Program Should I Apply For?

Every year, communities across the nation eagerly await the announcement of the funding available for FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) programs. Since the release of the BRIC and FMA funding details, we’ve been receiving a steady stream of calls with various questions – both from within our organization and from client communities. We have answers to your questions.

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Video: Treatment Plant Expansion Meets College Station’s Growing Needs

The expansion more than doubles the plant’s existing capacity to serve the City’s growing needs, and its cutting-edge technology minimizes the impact on the public, including odor removal.

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David Jackson

Deadlines to Act on PFAS Settlements: What Water Utilities Need to Know

Public water systems that want to opt out of proposed PFAS litigation settlements face December deadlines. Learn more and see how Freese and Nichols can help you with PFAS management.

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Innovative Bioengineering Stabilizes Riverbank and Protects Winston-Salem’s Water Supply

This innovative solution not only preserved the dam’s integrity but also ensured the continuation of vital services to the community, demonstrating a practical application of sustainable engineering.

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Affordable Flood-Proofing and a Bonus Neighborhood Park

A comprehensive study for the City of Irving, Texas, helped identify innovative opportunities for improving an urban creek’s drainage and adding a pond with shaded trails.

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Bringing Equity to a Neighborhood Through Better Flood Protection and Mobility

The City of San Marcos achieved it’s goal by incorporating residents’ input into a design that enhances mobility and eases infrastructure strain in the rapidly growing city.

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Video: Dallas Water Utilities Thinks Outside the Circle to Solve Pipeline Failure

Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) had to think outside the box, or in this case, outside the circle to repair a failing pipeline through the City of Dallas Glendale Park. DWU, with help from Freese and Nichols, found an innovative way to solve their pipeline issue.

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Eric Kong Offers Young Professionals’ Take On Water’s Future in Journal AWWA

Small water systems face water challenges just as much as growing areas, and water professionals have a responsibility to collaborate with them on thoughtful long-term solutions, Eric writes.

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2023 Webinar Series: Hazard Mitigation Grant Funding

Free webinars tailored to support your hazard mitigation projects and keep your infrastructure from flooding disasters.

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Chance Sparks

The Impact of New Texas Laws, Part 3: Local Authority

Our staff can help cities and counties navigate the procedures, obligations and limitations from a batch of new Texas laws.

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