For more than a century we’ve worked with public-sector clients, teaching us how to listen. We can go beyond traditional engineering services to address your overall business challenges. We leverage our deep institutional knowledge to help you gain better ROI on your budgets, improve your resource management, optimize your operations, and address the changing trends you face each day.  

Our consulting services are geared toward problem-solving at a higher level, from identifying approaches to cost-effectively managing your infrastructure for the long-term, tools to improve decision-making and communication, and solutions to optimize funding for projects and services. We can offer asset management planning and help prioritize your overall infrastructure investments and actions.  

We can develop technological solutions tailored for today’s dynamic decision-making expectations, create visual dashboards to clearly summarize and communicate important information about infrastructure and services, analyze the financial feasibility of potential projects, or evaluate and identify adjustments to rates, fees and other revenue sources. We’re here to help your whole organization succeed.

Asset Management

What cost-effective investments and actions are needed for your infrastructure to provide expected quality service with minimized risk?

Asset Management helps to answer this question. With aging infrastructure and constrained budgets, many organizations are working proactively to prioritize system renewal with a risk-based approach to provide expected services. Our team offers a full range of asset management services that help you act as stewards of your infrastructure and budgets and remove uncertainties in the management of your systems. 

Our Asset Management Services

  • Asset management readiness screening assessment
  • Infrastructure inventory
  • Service level evaluations: capacity, quality, reliability
  • Physical condition assessments: remaining useful life, rehabilitation, maintenance
  • Risk-based assessment: condition and criticality assessments
  • Business-case prioritized actions: inspections, maintenance, renewal, capital improvements
  • Optimized investment planning: financial strategies for cost-effective solutions
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Featured Projects

  • Condition Assessment Program, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • Interceptor Condition Assessment Program (ICAP), City of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Water Efficiency and Condition Assessment, City of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Central Regional Wastewater System GIS Asset-Based Inventory, Trinity River Authority, Texas
  • Water Master Plan and Renewal Prioritization, City of Garland, Texas
  • Asset Management Development Plan, City of Garland, Texas
  • Fort Hood Stormwater Master Planning, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Pond Dam Safety Program, City of Austin, Texas
  • Lick Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, City of College Station, Texas
  • Software Integration for Asset Management Program, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2, Texas
  • Lake Texoma Pump Station Expansion, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • Pavement Management System, City of Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Water Facilities Condition Assessment Program, City of Richardson, Texas
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Financial Strategies

Freese and Nichols understands the growing demands on public entities’ budgets, and we know how challenging it is to secure funding assistance. With years of experience working with state agencies, federal agencies and financial institutions, our funding team has helped our clients secure more than $5.5 billion in low-interest loans and grants for projects. We help you identify funding sources for capital improvement initiatives, select the right opportunity, navigate the application process, and ultimately obtain the funding you need.

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Financial Strategies Services

Asset Optimization
  • Master planning support
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Economic impact analysis
Finance and Funding
  • Financial modeling and planning
  • Bond feasibility
  • Revenue/rate consulting
  • Affordability
  • Impact fees
  • Funding alternatives
  • Stormwater fees
Business Improvement
  • Benchmarking
  • Utility creation
  • Regionalization
  • Business process analysis
  • Indirect cost studies
  • Feasibility reports
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Contract advisory
  • Public/private partnerships

Featured Projects

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, City of Brady, Texas
  • Raw Water Pump Station, City of Beaumont, Texas
  • Funding Assistance, City of Kerrville, Texas
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion, City of Cleburne, Texas
  • Funding Applications, North Alamo Water Supply Corporation, Texas
  • Wolf Creek Restoration at Goode Park, Roanoke County, Virginia
  • Principal Forgiveness, City of Weatherford, Texas
  • Main Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements, City of Port Arthur, Texas
  • Bois d’Arc Lake, North Texas Municipal Water District
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Data Management & Analytics

The explosion of available data and new technologies provides a seemingly limitless set of opportunities to improve services, reduce costs, and simplify efforts. With our team of professionals, take what seems like an overwhelming amount of data, apply appropriate available technologies, find the value in your data for effective decision-making needs, and create visualizations to easily digest and clearly communicate information. 

From field collection techniques using the latest drone technologies, to robust modeling approaches for analyzing massive data from numerous sources, our Data Science and Technology team simplifies increasingly complex environments for better solutions. 

Data Science and Technology Solutions Services

  • ESRI GIS mapping, analysis, integrations, and implementations
  • BIM modeling
  • Power BI and Tableau dashboards and analytics
  • Drone data collection
  • Data Integrations
  • Model development
  • Data analytics
  • GIS geometric and utility networks
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Featured Projects

  • Bois d’Arc Lake Dam, Treatment Plants, and Transmission System, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • Lake Texoma-to-Wylie Pipeline, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • East Hiram Sewer Improvements, Paulding County, Georgia
  • Middendorf Springs Wetland and Stream Restoration, North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services
  • Ward County Water Supply Project, Colorado River Municipal Water District, Texas
  • Abilene Bond Program Management, City of Abilene, Texas
  • Texas High-Speed Rail, Texas Central Railway
  • Central Texas College Sports Complex, Central Texas College
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