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About Us

Planning for the Future; Delivering Results Today

In Grand Prairie, Texas, a team of wastewater specialists finds a way to fit a pump station onto a sliver of land by applying a design that’s the first of its type in the state. In Pensacola, Florida, an oil and gas engineering team designs and builds a compressed natural gas station that offers a cleaner-burning, domestic fuel source. In Little Rock, Arkansas, a water resources team performs an accreditation study of a levee, protecting tens of millions of dollars of property from floodwaters. In Texas, West Virginia, Georgia and other states across the country, a team of engineers plans, designs and constructs award-winning dams.

Across the United States, Freese and Nichols professionals are designing and delivering innovative solutions for the challenges faced by our clients and the people they serve. While Freese and Nichols has been around since 1894, each project is new, treated to scrupulous analysis and a fresh approach.

We know the standard solutions. In fact, we developed many of them! Among them are knowing how to break new ground, introduce new concepts and apply emerging technologies in a way that makes practical sense. While we may count our client relationships in decades and quarter-centuries, every minute of every project is a new opportunity to deliver innovative solutions and practical results with outstanding service.