ProjectWise Support

This site provides support on setting up ProjectWise to connect to FNI’s hosted datasources.

For support on FNI ProjectWise projects or configuration, please contact us at

1. Download from Bentley’s Site
2. Connection Client Installation
3. ProjectWise Explorer Installation
4. ProjectWise Configuration

Download from Bentley’s Site

Freese and Nichols is using ProjectWise Design Integration version Clients may use the same version or newer (Older versions may work).

Here are the links needed to download ProjectWise.

Connection Client download: and search for “Connection Client”

ProjectWise Design Integration download:

Connection Client Installation

Make sure you have the latest version of Bentley CONNECTION Client and you are signed in.

FNI uses Bentley IMS for ProjectWise accounts. To log in with IMS, a Bentley Connection account is required. If you do not have a Bentley Connection account, download the app and then select New User? Register Now.

ProjectWise Explorer Installation

Run the executable for ProjectWise installation on startup, read and accept the License Agreement, and click Next.

Select all the following features that are checked here. Some features require expanding the tree within the dialog. If you have multiple CAD/Design softwares, you may want to select them too.

Scroll down, expand the tree, and de-select ProjectWise Integration for Microsoft Office.

Scroll down and select Export-Import Tools.

Select Bentley DGN Navigator and ProjectWise Deliverables Management and click Install. Then click Finish.

ProjectWise Configuration

The ProjectWise Network Configuration settings will allow ProjectWise to see the FNI hosted ProjectWise datasources. If your company has a ProjectWise Administrator, please consult with them prior to applying these settings.

Please follow the steps below to set up access to FNI ProjectWise datasource.

Inside ProjectWise Explorer, Select Tools > Network Configuration Settings

  1. Select the Datasource Listing tab and enter the following:
  2. Name: FNI
  3. Hostname:
  4. Port: 5800
  5. Add
  6. Make sure Prevent UDP is checked
  7. Save
  8. Close

Right click on ProjectWise Explorer Datasource and select Refresh.

The Freese & Nichols datasource should appear. If not, close ProjectWise and reopen it.
To log in click on the + next to the Freese & Nichols datasource.

Select Bentley IMS as Authentication.
Then select Log in.