Tag: Erosion

Mike Wayts

Getting to the Root of Erosion Workshop

Changes in the annual growth rings of exposed tree roots after exposure to the elements allow us to utilize exposed […]

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John Wolfhope

New Guidance for Articulated Concrete Blocks for Spillway Armoring

In the fight against erosion, articulated concrete blocks serve as an option to armor auxiliary spillways. A new chapter in […]

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Wylie Gorup

Upcoming Presentation: When Rivers and Infrastructure Collide

Freese and Nichols’ Kim Patak will present “When Rivers and Infrastructure Collide,” Jan. 23 at the Texas Regional Stormwater Conference […]

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Jennifer Wasinger

Saving Banks: Teaching How Roots Reveal Erosion Rates

Just as trees’ inner rings tell the story of their growth, their roots can reveal how quickly the earth is […]

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