After the Storm, Answering the Call

When Hurricane Matthew struck North Carolina, high floodwaters washed away a critical section of a 24-inch water main along a creek in Sanford.

As a result, a large section of the water distribution system was drained, and the City was left with only one connection from the water treatment plant to the distribution network.

Freese and Nichols staff were on-site within an hour of receiving the call from the City, and they completed preliminary design for the repair within four days.

Freese and Nichols helped determine availability of equipment and materials, enabling the contractor to mobilize quickly and restore water service.

Our team was on-site daily through the construction, which diverted the creek flow so that casing and pipe could be installed below the creek bed.

We also designed the creek restoration to protect the water line from future storms. Construction finished December 1, less than eight weeks after the hurricane.

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