Allison Hage Elected to Executive Board of Water Environment Association of Texas

Please join us in congratulating Allison Hage, Water/Wastewater Treatment, Dallas, on her recent election to the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) executive board, where she will serve as secretary. This accomplishment recognizes Allison’s technical expertise and leadership abilities and continues Freese and Nichols’ long legacy of serving our professions.

As a member of the executive board, Allison has a unique platform to advocate for positive change and drive transformative initiatives within WEAT and the Water Environment Federation. Her primary role will be to document the discussions held during the monthly WEAT executive leadership meetings and quarterly board meetings. Additionally, she will be a voting member of the board.

“This role provides Allison with an opportunity to strengthen her professional growth and leadership through serving our treatment industry, our clients and the public,” said Erin Flanagan, Water/Wastewater Treatment Group Manager, Dallas. “Allison previously served on the executive board as treasurer and was ready to take the next step in leadership within the WEAT organization.”

Allison’s involvement in WEAT began in 2013, when she was an intern at Freese and Nichols; her team from Southern Methodist University won the student design competition at the Texas Water conference and placed second in the national competition. She loved her experience and knew she wanted to get more involved. From 2014 to 2018, she served as co-chair and chair of the student design competition. In 2018, Allison created the student committee, where she implemented the WEAT student chapter at university campuses. From there, she became more involved at the state level, serving as a member-at-large in 2019-20 and treasurer in 2020-22. Her term as WEAT secretary runs until 2025.

“I love serving in this organization and hope that I represent WEAT well,” Allison said. “I look forward to contributing my ideas and suggestions during the leadership meetings and other meetings or initiatives I am asked to serve on.”

Allison’s election enables her to contribute her expertise and voice to discussions and decisions that shape the treatment industry, and it provides an opportunity to live out the Freese and Nichols LEADS values.

“Allison is following in the footsteps of other FNI leaders who have served on the WEAT Executive Board,” Erin said, referring to Bob NicholsRay Longoria and David Jackson. “This position is a true example of ‘Serve Always,’ and paves the way for others to pursue state and national professional society leadership positions and contribute to their personal growth and Freese and Nichols’ commitment to serving others.”

Allison became WEAT secretary at the Texas Water conference in April, and her term lasts until 2025.