Bigger and Brighter at DFW Airport

DFW International Airport has undergone many changes, both visible and behind the scenes, throughout the past eight years.

Freese and Nichols served as Program Manager for $3.1 billion in DFW projects to upgrade and renovate Terminals A, B and E, and their respective parking facilities, while keeping them in operation during construction.

Terminal B added nine new gates with its “stinger” extension, as well as a connection to Terminal D that expanded international capacity.

From the lean matrix management organization, electronic plan room, field tablet computer usage, technical and code plan review platform, and more, Freese and Nichols’ innovative thinking and transformative processes saved time and money throughout the program.

Many of the systems and processes that were developed for this program have now become standard operating procedure for DFW.

All of the innovative techniques and systems developed for this program were the result of working closely with the Owner, Designer, CMAR and Stakeholders to identify potential operational efficiencies.

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