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Featured Jobs for June 9

Construction Manager V


Freese and Nichols is searching for a construction manager who has an emphasis in water infrastructure to add to their team. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 15 years experience and an understanding of alternate project delivery methods. This person will be responsible for administering the construction contract by managing, observing and reporting on ongoing construction on a variety of transportation, water and/or facilities infrastructure projects to verify compliance with approved plans and specifications.

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Data Scientist


Freese and Nichols is searching for a data scientist with a minimum of five years experience to serves as a project manager or technical lead on large complex projects requiring intergroup skills and other consultants. The ideal candidate will have experience in the public sector industry, have knowledge in specific business intelligence and data science methods, including visual and explorative analytics, descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, projection and forecasting, regression analysis and more. This person will be responsible for supporting the development and expansion of a service line providing technical business intelligence, data science and data engineering expertise for data collection, pipelines, storage, analytics and visualization.

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Energy (Biogas) Engineer V


Freese and Nichols is searching for an engineer with at least six years of experience to manage projects designing biogas facilities and to assist the Practice Leader (sales director) gathering more business in this space. The ideal candidate will be able to manage the details of managing one or more projects in the $250K to $2MM range and to develop relationships within this new industry to garner sales. This person will be responsible for performing and directing complex studies and investigations, prepare reports of findings, direct drafting personnel/technicians and coordinate/schedule work of other project engineers.

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Stormwater Engineer IV


Freese and Nichols is currently searching for an experienced engineer to serve as a project engineer for stormwater management projects. The candidate must have a strong background in the development of stormwater/water resources infrastructure projects and the preparation of drainage studies, impact analyses and design plans. The preferred candidate will have experience with a diverse range of software packages such as HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS ArcGIS, AutoCAD Civil 3D and the Microsoft office suite. This person will be responsible for leading the analysis, design and preparation of technical reports for diverse projects including open channels, closed conduit systems, pump stations, detention/retention ponds, mitigation of drainage impacts, roadway drainage design and the preparation of CLOMRs and LOMRs.

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