Celebrating Engineers on #LicensedPEDay

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Tricia Hatley

Executive Vice President of Operations

On Wednesday, Aug. 1, we’re partnering with the National Society of Professional Engineers to celebrate the engineers who keep the world running.

Freese and Nichols actively supports NSPE. Oklahoma Division Manager Tricia Hatley serves as vice president and will eventually serve as president in 2020-21.

Whether it’s designing highways to planning out water resources for cities, engineers shape the infrastructure of tomorrow, and it’s important to celebrate them on National Engineers Day.

At Freese and Nichols, our commitment to our engineers and the profession runs deep.

We support them at every stage of their career:

  • Pay licensing fees to take the test
  • Offer a day off to take the exam
  • Pay dues for one professional organization or half of two organizations
  • Offer tuition reimbursement
  • Pair young engineers with more senior staff with our mentoring program
  • Offer internal training with senior leadership, such as project manager training.

Join us in celebrating engineers and this great profession.

Our engineers below share why they love being a PE.

“I enjoy solving problems and helping to make our communities a better place to live.”
– Tricia Hatley, PE
Oklahoma City


“It allows me to take ownership of my design projects. It also opens the door to leadership positions within my organization.”
– David Salom, PE 

“I enjoy designing our water systems and improving water quality.”
– Allison Blake, PE


“I enjoy working with clients to help solve problems.”
– Dave Malinauskas, PE 


“I get to design and build projects that help people every day.”
– Heather Keister, PE


“I can work together with clients to develop solutions that improve the quality of life within their communities.”
– David Webb, PE


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Tricia Hatley, PE, is a Principal and an Executive Vice President of Operations for Freese and Nichols, overseeing offices in the Southeast US and Gulf Coast Regions. She offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.