Data Integration Work in Plano Featured in Texas WET

The City of Plano’s use of its Wastewater Master Plan to improve data tracking and assessment of its maintenance needs was highlighted in the 2021 Issue #5 of Texas WET, the magazine of the Water Environment Association of Texas.

Stephen Johnson, a Senior Project Manager in the Water/Wastewater Master Planning Group, co-authored a Tech Talk article with Abby Owens of the City of Plano about collaboration to integrate inspection data for more accurate insights: “Data Stream: Channeling Wastewater Inspection Information to Keep Your System Flowing Smoothly” (See page 35)

Here’s an excerpt:

“For years, City of Plano crews collected data on the condition of sewer mains and logged data into a work order system. But the information was not integrated into other systems that could be used to create a coordinated long-range plan for system maintenance. As a result, City staff got a jolt when they started developing elements of a Wastewater Master Plan: An analysis showed that 150 miles of pipes were assumed to be in poor condition due to their age and material. The real number was only half that much, but data gaps and lack of integration had created the impression that the problem was much worse.”

“To transform all that valuable data into actionable insights, the City used its Wastewater Master Plan to integrate inspection and maintenance data into a desktop risk-based assessment. Multiple data systems now are talking to each other, providing a more accurate view of maintenance needs and a stronger framework for a sustainable, collaborative plan. And the City was able to work within its existing software instead of having to invest in new technology.”

“This experience shows how a growing city can improve its asset management by developing a prioritized work plan along with a business process to maximize its investment in people, tools and technology.”

Read the full article here: “Data Stream: Channeling Wastewater Inspection Information to Keep Your System Flowing Smoothly (See page 35).