Delivering Capital Projects: A Young Professional’s Guide to Construction Contracting

Originally presented at 2021 GAWP Annual Conference by Micah Taylor.

Intimidated by construction contracting? Learn the basics of construction contract documents, how to get involved with preparing them, and why high-quality contract documents are so important for successful project delivery.

Construction contract documents are the foundation of every capital project. As a design engineer, you must prepare construction contract documents that guide the contractor to meet the owner’s objectives. Construction contract documents are made up of several parts, including the procurement requirements, general conditions, general requirements, design drawings, and technical specifications. While most design engineers get exposure to design drawings and technical specifications early on in their careers, the “front-end documents” often remain a mystery. Exposure to front-end documents is crucial to understanding how construction contracts are procured and how the components of the construction contract work together to help create a successful project. This presentation aims to help fill in that gap and empower young professionals to seek out and learn about contract documents and construction contract administration.

This presentation is designed for graduate engineers, most likely in consulting engineering roles, or anyone who wants to learn more about the delivery of capital projects. This presentation will help the audience understand:

  • What are construction contract documents, and what are they made up of?
  • What is construction contract administration, and what is the engineer’s role?
  • What are the industry standards in construction contracting?
  • How can you learn more and get involved with preparing contract documents?
  • Why are high-quality contract documents important to the owner?

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