Enabling Success in Enterprise Asset Management

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Allison Blake

Water/Wastewater Treatment Engineer

The Trinity River Authority (TRA) Central Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) Treatment Plant in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has implemented an asset management plan. TRA strives to implement efficient and effective operations throughout the Authority, and their asset management plan at CRWS allows TRA to view their asset data and location within the Treatment Plant. This asset management plan is also being implemented at the rest of their facilities in North Texas. In order to achieve the goals of the asset management plan, a vision and associated business requirements were developed for how asset management would evolve at TRA. A plant wide ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS) geodatabase that integrates the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with their geographic data was implemented. As a result of this project, TRA was able to incorporate over 3,000 surveyed assets and associated asset data into their asset management system at CRWS Treatment Plant.


Allison Blake, PE, Freese and Nichols

Matthew Jalbert, PE, Trinity River Authority

Julia J. Hunt, PE, Trinity River Authority

Mazen Kawasmi, PE, CFM, GISP, Freese and Nichols

Nancy Lerner, Brio Consulting

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Allison Blake, PE, IAM, is a Water/Wastewater Treatment Engineer in Dallas.