Featured Innovation: Redesigning For a Safer Future

An expanding population in the City of El Reno means a lot more drivers on the Central Oklahoma community’s roadways.

The City’s main intersection of U.S. 81 and State Highway 66 saw an increase in accidents and congestion, along with issues in geometric offset and directional movements.

To solve these problems, Freese and Nichols analyzed traffic and redesigned the intersection for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

At public involvement meetings, our team used a hands-on, interactive scale model to get the community’s feedback.

Following public and stakeholder input, our team redesigned the intersection as a four-legged, multilane roundabout – the first on ODOT’s system, which is expected to improve operations and reduce serious crashes through the area.

The redesign also creates a gateway feature for El Reno and can be modified as the City continues to grow.

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