Flood Awareness Week: Respect the Power of Water

Kelly Dillard

This week marks Flood Awareness Week in Texas, made official by a proclamation from Gov. Greg Abbott. The Texas Floodplain Management Association worked with the governor for the proclamation, which you can read in full here.

“As we approach the third anniversary of the tragic flooding of Memorial Day weekend in 2015, and after the catastrophic events of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, it is imperative that Texans unite and prepare for potentially sudden and violent acts of Mother Nature,” the proclamation reads.

According to the National Weather Service, flooding happens almost every day somewhere in the United States or its territory. Flooding also causes an average of $8 billion a year in damages in the U.S.

“It is crucial that Texans understand and respect the power of water. Planning and preparing are the keys to reducing the loss of life and property,” the proclamation reads.

Throughout the week, we’ll highlight flood safety tips and resources available.