Freese and Nichols Celebrates DEI Day Companywide

On May 21, Freese and Nichols hosted its inaugural DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Day, which honored the diversity among our team members. The event is one of several organized by the DEI Committee each year, but the first to involve all of our offices across the U.S. to participate at the same dedicated time.

Wendy Bonneau, Urban Planning Practice Leader and co-leader of the DEI Committee, said, “The goal for DEI Day was to celebrate the rich diversity of our incredible team, foster an inclusive culture and raise awareness about the vital role of DEI in our organization. As the firm looks ahead, we are excited to continue DEI initiatives that enhance our services and contribute to our ongoing success.”

The DEI Day began with a companywide virtual lunch meeting which provided a platform for DEI committee members to share personal stories. These narratives underscored the importance of inclusion in the workplace and offered insight into the unique experiences and perspectives that contribute to our firm’s vibrant culture.

The event also featured a DEI-themed trivia contest that encouraged unifying conversations across multiple offices. Additionally, hundreds of employees participated in office potlucks, bringing dishes to share from their native countries or favorite family recipes. The culinary celebration offered a taste of the many cultures represented and served as a reflection of the firm’s diverse workforce.