Freese and Nichols Hires Jim Kilnoski to Strengthen FEMA Flood Risk Expertise

Freese and Nichols, Inc., has hired Jim Kilnoski, GISP, adding his national experience with FEMA’s flood insurance study process to our stormwater group to help communities develop resilience.

Kilnoski will serve as program manager for the firm’s work as part of the Advancing Resilience in Communities Joint Venture (ARC JV) supporting FEMA’s efforts to reduce flood risk for the East Coast and Great Lakes regions through the National Flood Insurance Program.

The ARC JV, led by Michael Baker International, is under a five-year, $300 million maximum value contract to provide technical expertise across FEMA’s Zone 1, including generating/evaluating flood hazard and risk information, along with mitigation, planning, flood mapping and modeling activities.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a major component of that work for developing maps, databases and report materials that are major deliverable components of FEMA’s flood risk assessment process.

In his GIS work on FEMA flood risk projects in multiple states, Kilnoski has led development of innovative tools and consistently delivered high-quality final map products. He also has assisted with community outreach to help homeowners understand the impact of changes in floodplain designations.

“Jim’s experience expands our ability to support FEMA at a national level while remaining focused on our local communities that are applying federal funds to protect against severe flood damages,” said Ed Dickson, Freese and Nichols Stormwater Group Manager in North Carolina.

Kilnoski received his Bachelor of Science in Geography from New Mexico State University.

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