Freese and Nichols Hosts TxDOT DRIVE Program Meeting to Assist Disadvantaged Firms

Freese and Nichols was honored to host a meeting of the Diverse Relationships for Informative Value Exchange (DRIVE) Program in Austin to help foster diversity and collaboration in engineering.

The DRIVE Program, led by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), aims to increase the participation of emerging Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms in professional services contracts. Our Alan Greer, Chief Business Development Officer for Infrastructure, and Charley Mock, Business Development Director, welcomed a diverse group of attendees to the quarterly DRIVE program meeting and provided updates on our collaboration with SE3, a strategic partner. TxDOT staff also shared insights on project selection criteria and delivery tips, offering valuable guidance to mentor and mentee firms.

By participating in the DRIVE Program, Freese and Nichols helps build business-to-business connections and support for DBE firms. These partnerships promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of mentee firms and enriching the industry.